The TrainMaker Arrives…

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After months of toil, the TrainMaker has an announcement to make – the first cut of our first locomotive is now in a state which is publicly presentable, albeit incomplete.

We share our personal joy and milestone with you via this picture…

Rumblings of our first electric locomotive

Die-hard fans of Indian Railways will probably recognise this straight away.

The idea is that this is one of many static decorative models to follow – and eventually perhaps a few that move.

As a child, staring at the mammoth beasts ambling through my local railway station, I dreamt of holding in my hands a replica. As a grown-up, I am hoping that someone out there in the country shares a similar romance with our railways.

We are aiming to be ready to sell this model within a month or two. Stay tuned. We are furiously applying finishing touches…

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  1. Arpan Dey

    Yeah I bought your WAG-9 standard build kit and built it. I LOVE IT it is really nice and as a railfan HATS OFF TO THE PINK ENGINE.

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