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Hello and a Namaste! It has been tough times for all of us and its indeed heartening to see that mankind in its entirety is slowly coming back to normalcy…

We’ve actually used this time to do a lot of things that people had been asking us to for quite a while. Though we had started this company to cater to “young adults” with our buildkits, we eventually started getting requests and custom orders from collectors and model railroaders for completely finished models.

Needless to say, these ladies and gentlemen are finicky people who would not settle for anything less than what they perceived to be top-notch quality. Their feedback, criticism and encouragement drove us to create a special segment of products for The Pink Engine – the “Reserved Collection” – locomotive and coach models which would be photo-finished when put up for purchase.

Our marker for the products which come from the Reserved Collection

And oh – in case you didn’t notice, the second meaning of this name pertains railways, of course!

Enough said. let us end with the videos of our first Reserved Collection products. Enjoy!

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7 Responses

  1. Ayaan

    I am AYAAN and I am a huge fan of INDIAN RAILWAYS.
    I am always updated on what India is doin’ on the tracks. I also live near a railway crossing{kaggadaspura}
    and I love seeing trains pass. I reallllyyyy want a pink engine model for christmas and I am persuading my parents to do so. Goodbye and please keep in touch!

    • TheTrainMaker

      Hello Ayaan!

      It’s wonderful to hear from an Indian Railways lover. We do hope you manage to convince your parents. Do note that we give out discounts if you buy on WhatsApp. Keep in touch by subscribing to our YouTube, Instagram or email lists so that you are informed of whenever there is a new release or sales. Thanks!

  2. Shankar Srinivasan

    Hey Trainmaker…nice to see a blog for Indian railways..there are a few out there but would be good to see a living one..most others seem dead…love the products and happy to be an active customer..just curious, why not HO scale so that folks can use it in their model railroads rather than an odd 1:100 scale??

    • TheTrainMaker

      Hello Shankar!

      Wonderful to get in touch and thanks for your kind words…

      As for the 1:100 question – the short answer is that you really can’t model Indian Railways in 1:87 – unless you’re OK with cheating – which we obviously aren’t! 😀 (We’re engineers and can’t take imperfections like that!)

      The long answer can be found here : https://thepinkengine.com/ho-scale/

      Please note that our models are essentially in 3mm scale but they are made to run on HO track – which means that any HO railroaders anywhere in the world can use them on their layouts with zero problems – and we have been selling all over the world.

      That is the only correct way to do Indian Railways as it keeps the proportions correct. We were tired of all the kit-bashing and compromises hobbyists were doing and thus chose this route. If anything, it makes the engineering more challenging for us as our models are slightly smaller in size – but in the end, the only true-blue IR models anywhere in the world.

      Hope that throws some light? Do keep in touch!

  3. Umang Vashisht

    Dear team,
    I live in Chester in UK and have a huge train model collection -models from France,Uk,Germany,US,Japan but no Indian railway model.I am very happy and proud to visit your site and to see the working Loco.
    I will definite visit you and possibly buy this model when i visit my parents in Gurgaon.
    Warm regards

    • TheTrainMaker

      Hi Umang,

      We’re thrilled to see you excited about our models and to hear your words of appreciation.

      We also just wanted to state that we do ship internationally and UK is a very “popular” destination! 😄

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