We’re including here a compilation of FAQs. Please check back as we will be updating them regularly.

For Builders…

Visible lines are on FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printers are considered normal. You will need to sand the surfaces on the larger pieces to smoothen them out.

Don’t try sanding the smaller or more delicate pieces – they might (and probably will) break.

Instructions are provided in the build manual. Sandpapers of different grit are provided in the Standard Model. If lines are not removed after sanding – or because of some reason, you don’t want to sand – then use a standard hobby filler to fill out the uneven surfaces.

If you are an experienced builder and own a Dremel, you probably know what to do already! 😉

Well, long enough for you not to be able to see any prominent lines!

In our experience with building our own models – that’s about 25-30 minutes with the coarse sandpaper and another 10-15 minutes with the wet sanding.

The piece which doesn’t fit probably has stray plastic around the edges that are preventing it from fitting.

This can be easily remedied by sanding around the edges a bit. If the piece is small then hold it in your hand and rub it on the sandpaper. It’s easier and more effective!

Circular holes often come out a bit smaller due to 3D printer tolerances.

If you are confronted with such a case use a knife or similar blade to insert into the hole and turn in a circular fashion till enough plastic material is removed for an accessory to go in.

Use the tip of a pin, or the tip of an unfolded paper clip to pick up and smear the glue on to the part to be stuck.

This can happen because of 2 reasons.

1) There is stray plastic which is partially occluding the cavity into which the piece is to be fitted. Use a knife or a pair of scissors to snip out any blockages

2) The piece to be fitted has stray edges or is marginally larger than the cavity. In this case, rub the piece to be fitted against sandpaper to wear down the edges a bit and then fit it into the cavity in question.

For Railroaders…

ALL our models are exclusively made to run on HO track. However, we are 1:100 scale as opposed to the 1:87 scale of HO. For a more detailed rant about this please see here.

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with info@thepinkengine.com for custom specifications and a quote.

Yes! Check here.

Not yet!

Honestly, we don’t know. If you are feeling brave, do give it a try – but we offer absolutely ZERO guarantees on the success of such endeavours.

Yes, we do!

Before or after placing your order, please send a mail to info@thepinkengine.com to get an estimate of the shipping charges.

Please note that shipping charges will vary depending on the product to be shipped and on the country that you want it shipped to. We might not be able to ship to all countries in the world.